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'Everything you know is wrong...'

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On this "NPR quality" show, heard on CBS Radio in Seattle, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Boston from 2009-2014, join world-famous father-son paranormal adventurers and authors Paul & Ben Eno, with their combined 60 years of experience in the field, for a journey 'Behind the Paranormal’ such as you’ve never taken before. Whether your intelligent, probing interest is in ghosts, poltergeists, UFOs, unexplained creatures, psychics and mediums, the nature of heaven and hell, human origins, the meaning of death, the relationship of the paranormal to history, science or religion, this is the show for you! Call in during the show: (800) 449-1240 U.S. or Canada. E-mail before or during all shows: Paul@BehindTheParanormal.com.