BEHIND THE PARANORMAL: 2018 Show Talking Points

Here you can find graphics and other radio-unfriendly items that enhance the discussion points of certain shows.

October 28 - #764 "The Pascagoula Incident"

with Calvin Parker

Artist's conception of the Pascagoula Incident

Below, another incident in Louisiana, about 150 miles from Pascagoula, the same night. Mr. Parker had never seen this picture before Paul & Ben sent it to him the night before the show. He said it "gave me goose bumps" and that it looks like "the big one" that came for him.

October 21 - #763 "Open Lines and Panel Discussion"

with Paul & Ben Eno, Shane Sirois, Marc Dantonio & Dave McCullough

January 28 - #727 "Dowsing"

with Susan McNeill Spuhler