BEHIND THE PARANORMAL: 2022 Show Talking Points

October 23 - #968 - "UFOs and Alien Imagery in Advertising"

with Peter Robbins

An investigative writer joins Paul & Ben to examine the question: Is this advertising just light-hearted commercialism or a calculated attempt to help us  deal with ET "disclosure"?

Ad for photo paper, 2009

An Audi ad from Norway, 2000

An Audi ad from Spain, 2007

Diunsa (electronics store), Honduras, 2007

Anti-pollution ad, Singapore, 2006

US energy industry, early 1960s

Argentine ad agency, 2008

Berlitz Language School, 2009

Audio tech, "any sound you can imagine"

Clarins Fragrance Group

Eternity Glue, Thailand, 2008

Fiat, Brazil, 2009

Ecuador ad agency, 2009. "We Protect You."

Philips Vacuum Cleaners, 2012

Cholula Hot Sauce, Singapore, 2010

Seguros Universal, Dominican Republic,

Long's Horse Radish 1

Long's Horse Radish 2

Long's Horse Radish 3

Banco Financiero, Cuba, 2009

June 26 - #952 - "The Abduction of Dolly"

with Preston Dennett and Dolly Safran


Dolly's amazing story includes traveling in 'Tlera,' a living UFO. At one point, she reports that Tlera allowed her to take photos and a video from the ground.

Video should play in Google Chrome or Firefox.

Dolly says this is an ET drone accompanying Tlera.

May 8 - #945 - "UFOs You Never Heard Of"

with Michael Schratt

Among the Cases Discussed on the Show:

The California Mystery Airship of 1897

Temple, Oklahoma, 1966.

Papua, New Guinea, 1959

Mobile, Alabama, 1983

From the book "DARK FILES: A Pictorial History of Lost, Forgotten and Obscure UFO Encounters" by Michael Schratt. Copyright 2022. Used by permission.