Talking Points for 2013 Shows

The talking points section includes extra information, links and illustrations that add to a particular show.


#503 November 17 (1240 AM)

"Exoplanets, UFOs and the Multiverse" with Marc D'Antonio


This 1967 photo by 1240 AM talk show host and 1960s UFO expert Joe Ferrierre, taken in Cumberland, R.I., will be part of the discussion on this show.



#482 September 8 (CBS)

"A Paranormal Life" with Jim Kelly

Here are two photos by this guests, reputed to have a talent for paranormal photography. Judge for yourself.





#477 August 19 (1240 AM)

"Open Lines: Tribute to Joe Ferrierre"


A rediscovered copy of Joe Ferrierre's 1960s magazine "Controversial Phenomena." The figure in the sketch looks a great deal like the young Joe!



Below is a crayon drawing by a young Woonsocket, R.I., girl, a third grader, that accompanied her description of encountering a landed craft and its occupants in a local woodland clearing, presumably in the early 1970s.



#459 June 17 (1240 AM)

"Open Lines: UFOs"


Check out co-host Bill Birnes's new book:




#446 May 5 (CBS)



See the television interview with Dr. Stephen J. Iacoboni at this link




#433 March 18 (1240 AM)



One of the subjects this evening: The stigmatic Marie Rose Ferron ("Little Rose") of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, 1902-1936. Show co-host Paul Eno took these color slides in 1999 at her grave at Precious Blood Cemetery in Woonsocket.


"I was at the cemetery to get general shots for the slide presentation that accompanied my lectures," Paul says. "I wasn't particularly looking for Marie Rose Ferron's grave, but when I happened to see it, I took a few shots."


What resulted was a series of five remarkable slides, taken in full daylight with no flash and no special lighting, with a standard, non-digital  35 mm SLR camera. Paul took the pictures while standing in the road that runs by the grave.


Slide 1 shows complete darkness:

Slide 2 shows a slight illumination of the scene. The card at the head of the flat gravestone has a photo and biography of Marie Rose Ferron:

Slide 3 shows more illumination, coming from "who knows where":

Slide 4 shows a striking illumination that seems to highlight only the Ferron grave, and even seems to reflect off the stone to the right:

Slide 5 shows a more normal illumination, though the Ferron grave still seems to be highlighted. Note the cloud formations in the sky relative to the Slide 6. Paul notes that the sky is much darker in this photo than it actually was:

Slide 6 can be considered a "control" shot. Lighting seems entirely normal and the sky is the way it actually looked. While the photo shows the area immediately behind the Ferron grave, note that the cloud formations in the sky are the same as in slide 5, proving that it was taken at the same place and time:

More information on Marie Rose Ferron may be found at

#428 - March 3, 2013 (CBS)



See the video promo for Discovery Canada's "Alien Mysteries," featuring tonight's guest, Tom Reed.