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Our Next Show

September 30 - #761 "The Slenderman and Other Startling Visions"

 with Nick Redfern (Rebroadcast)

In a rebroadcast of Show #746 from June 17, the incomparable NICK REDFERN takes us into the bizarre world of Slenderman, Shadow People and other archetypal entities. Our tribute to Stanton Friedman, originally scheduled for this slot, has to be rescheduled because of an important family event.


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October 7 - #762 "Open Lines and Panel Discussion"

with Paul & Ben Eno, Shane Sirois, Lori Greer, Aleksandar Petakov and Charles Creteau

It's open lines and all paranormal subjects are open game as we are joined (tentatively) by two popular guest co-hosts: researcher extraordinaire SHANE SIROIS and behavioral scientist LORI GREER, along with filmmaker Aleksandar Petakov and "Galileo Interviews" host and UFO researcher Charles Creteau.


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October 14 - #763 "The 'Secret Space Program'"

with Commander Cobra

"Commander Cobra," who served as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force and, later, the U.S. Coast Guard (during part of the same period when co-host Paul Eno served) joins our father-son team to look into America's reputed secret space program, by no means as far-fetched an idea as it sounds. The KGRA radio host also will discuss possible by-products of the government operation, such as the often-reported triangle UFOs.


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October 21 - #764 Rebroadcast


Paul & Ben will be away on a case, but stay tuned.


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October 28 - #765 - "The Pascagoula Incident"

Paul & Ben welcome CALVIN PARKER, who, with co-worker Charles Hickson, reported being approached and abducted by alien beings at Pascagoula, Mississippi, on October 11, 1973. Other witnesses in the area reported seeing the craft. Calvin will tell his story, subject of the new book "Pascagoula: The Closest Encounter," and Paul & Ben will see if it all runs deeper.


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November 4 - #766 - "Cryptids in Pennsylvania" with Eric Altman

Paul & Ben welcome ERIC H. ALTMAN, founder of the Pennsylvania Cryptozoology Society and seeker of the strange for nearly 40 years. Plans are for Eric to combine forces with Paul, Ben and the 'Behind the Paranormal' team in the Keystone State as research into the Pennsylvania Triangle continues. So there should be plenty of new information to talk about on this show.


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November 11 - #767 - "Kentucky Triangle?" with Steve Asher

Kentucky author and paranormal researcher Steve Asher joins Paul & Ben to talk about one of the next cases: a possible flap area in Kentucky. Steve has spent many years researching areas of the paranormal in the Bluegrass State.


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November 18 - #768 - "Whose Voice is That?" with Jerry Marzinsky

In one of the most important shows we have ever broadcast, Paul & Ben welcome licensed mental health professional Jerry Marzinsky to his debut on the show to discuss his and Paul's similar experiences, and similar conclusions drawn, while working in psychiatric hospitals: That many patients aren't necessarily psychotic but are being "farmed" by paranormal parasites.  And it's their voices that sometimes come through. We believe the subject of parasite influence in human affairs will become a central topic over the next few years.


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November 25 - #769 - "Open Lines" with Paul & Ben Eno and Shane Sirois

Paul & Ben once again get together with popular guest co-host Shane Sirois to dive once again into our stack of e-mailed questions from listeners.


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December 2 - #770 - "Paranormal Parasites: Humans as Cattle" with Nick Redfern

In another show on what Paul & Ben are convinced is a vitally important subject, legendary researcher and author NICK REDFERN returns. His latest book: "Paranormal Parasites."


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December 9 - #771 - "Romance and the Paranormal" with Dinah Roseberry and Rosemary Ellen Guiley

In a rare appearance on the show by a fiction writer, Paul & Ben welcome author, paranormal practitioner and certified hypnotherapist DINAH ROSEBERRY, whose just-released novel, "Three Months to Change," combines the paranornal with "romantic intrigue." Joined by the renowned ROSEMARY ELLEN GUILEY, Dinah's publisher, Paul & Ben want to know the paranormal principles, the background and the human mix involved in the paranormal / love angle.


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TBA - "A Tribute to Stanton Friedman" with Stanton Friedman

The father of modern UFO research, champion of honesty in the field, nuclear physicist, author of countless books and articles, star of the Discovery and History Channels and network television and radio, and one of the first guests to appear on this show, Stanton T. Friedman is retiring. But not before we review his 50-plus-year career in the field and recognize him as he deserves.


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