October 1 - #1016 - "California Weirdness"

with Dev Rugne

MUFON's Dev Rugne returns to the show today to cue us in on the weirdest goings-on in the California UFO/UAP world and beyond.


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October 8 - #1017 - "UFOs Over the Capitol"

with Kevin Randle

The legendary Kevin Randle, American ufologist, science fiction and historical fiction writer and veteran of both the U.S. Army and Air Force, returns to the show to lead us down the weird path of the 1952 UFO outbreak over Washington, D.C.


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October 15 - #1018 - "Encounters of a Lifetime"

with Michael Kameron

Perhaps lending credence to the contention that people, not places, are haunted, Michael Kameron is just an ordinary person who has experienced high strangeness from all sides  all his life: From alien abductions to strange, mystical beings, from his childhood right through to his adult life. Paul & Ben welcome him today.


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October 22 - #1019 - "Live from the Western Connecticut UFO Conference"

with Paul & Ben Eno and Rev. Michael Carter

The annual Western Connecticut UFO Conference, sponsored by the Danbury Public Library, begins right here as we welcome back the Rev. Michael Carter of Ancient Aliens as our special guest to interact with the live and virtual audience both on the air and for an extra hour afterward via Zoom. The remainder of the conference takes place virtually and in person over the following days.  Other speakers include Marc Dantonio, Michael Panicello, Thom Reed, Peter Robbins, Michael Schratt and Linda Zimmermann


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October 29 - #1020 - "Hunting Monsters"

with Aleksandar Petakov

The legendary Aleksandar Petakov, who has joined Paul & Ben on many field investigations, returns to the show to update us on his adventures searching the globe for Bigfoot, lake monsters and other cryptids.




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November 5 - #1021 - "The Denbigh Lights"

with Gari Jones

In a little-known case, much of it captured on video, an entire village in Wales was caught up in a bizarre UFO incident in 2012. Gari Jones, who carried out an exhaustive investigation with witness interviews, joins Paul & Ben today.


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November 12 - #1022 - "Open Lines"

with Paul & Ben Eno

Paul & Ben take the hour to tackle deep questions from listeners on many paranormal subjects.


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November 12 - #1023 - "Beyond Reasonable Doubt"

with Philip Mantle and Dr. Irena Scott

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Parker-Hickson alien abduction: Pascagoula, Mississippi, Oct. 11th 1973. Encounter witness Charles Hickson passed away in 2011 and Calvin Parker in August 2023 (Show #764, Oct. 28, 2018).

For the last five years veteran UK UFO researcher Philip Mantle and retired US academic Dr. Irena Scott have reinvestigated this encounter, uncovering a large amount of new documentary evidence, plus much new, first-hand independent eyewitness testimony. They join Paul & Ben today.



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