Paul & Ben plan TV projects in 2018


Jan. 22, 2018 - Paul and Ben Eno are working with filmmaker Aleksandar Petakov, along with several other colleagues, to produce one or more productions for our YouTube Channel in 2018. The first will feature Archaeoastronomy and be centered at America's Stonehenge in Salem, New Hampshire. Working with us will be researcher and broadcaster Chuck Creteau; astronomer, researcher and broadcaster Marc Dantonio; researcher, broadcaster and popular guest co-host of our show, Shane Sirois, and America's Stonehenge owner Dennis Stone. More news soon.


At left, 'Behind the Paranormal' Co-Host Paul Eno, property owner Dennis Stone, Casting Producer Lori Greer and Research Assistant Andrew Vranes scout the America's Stonehenge site in August 2017.

'Behind the Paranormal' expands to video


Oct. 23, 2017 - WOON 1240 Radio, home base of "Behind the Paranormal with Paul & Ben" is now making available the show's online video feed as MP4 files. These will be archived on the station website, and also on this site. See SHOW ARCHIVES for the end of 2017 and onward.